Gary R. Hall

The 5K Zone

                                            COLD WAR

   For all you Cold War soldiers, dependents, and interested persons you can read about real duty and non-duty stories of the 1950-1990 era in West Germany and other NATO countries. This site is to provide an outlet for Cold War experiences and to assist in promotion of the book, "The 5K Zone."

   Comments about the book are welcomed. Although it is fiction I tried to retain as much reality as I could. If you see errors—let me know. I am especially interested in those of you that had East German border duty (14th AC and others). I may start another novel involving the continued fictional adventures of Peter Ackerman and Trudi Kehle as they cross the restricted East German border with a specific goal. 1958-1960 era would allow consistency from "The 5K Zone" story, but any stories could be modified to fit.

   East German border duty is only a small part of what I visualize. Any and all stories (tell the truth) are welcome. The is open for business! If you want to be included in the group email let me know your address. I will enter you.

Gary R Hall

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